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Free Childcare – Eight Early Implementer Areas Announced

Dfe announces 8 Early ImplementersHere at Stepping Stones we have just received an email from Stoke-on-Trents local authority in respect of their application to the DfE to be an early implementer of the 30-hour free childcare. 

“I am emailing to inform you that Stoke-on-Trent’s application to the Department for Education (DfE) to become an early implementer to provide 30 hours free childcare has not been successful. The DfE received a large number of high quality proposals and it was not possible to support all bids with a limited budget.

The DfE has selected eight ‘early implementer’ local authorities. As a result, some working parents in Wigan, Staffordshire, Swindon, Portsmouth, Northumberland, York, Newham and Hertfordshire will now benefit from the early offer from this September. The government has also selected 25 early innovators, who will look specifically at innovative ways of making sure childcare is accessible to as many parents as possible. Further information is available by going to the government’s press release.

We would like thank all providers who helped us to put together our expression of interest, including those that attended our consultation event. The local authorities’ that have been selected will share their experiences allowing a smooth full roll-out in 2017.

If you have any queries in relation to this then please get in touch using the details below”.

Needless to say here at Stepping Stones Group we are disappointed that our local authority was unsuccessful with its bid but we will watch with interest as to how this scheme develops and is administered.

The publication ‘Nursery World ‘also carries a comprehensive article on the 30-hour childcare pilot areas.