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Pre-School Learning Alliance

Stepping Stones Joins Pre-School Learning AllianceBeing a part of the largest early year’s membership organisation

At Stepping Stones, achieving and maintaining a high quality early year’s provision is paramount. Each of our settings values this as an on-going process of assessment involving children, parents and practitioners. In order to strengthen the quality of our practices and improve how we reflect on care and education in our settings we are proud to have recently become members of the Pre-school Learning Alliance. The Pre-school Learning Alliance (PLA) is well known for being the largest early year’s membership organisation supporting many childcare settings to lead quality and improve practices.


Training has never been easier to access now that we are a part of the PLA; we feel privileged to be able to enrol in many courses of value, such as:

When reflecting on our improvement programmes the identification of our practitioners training needs will be a large factor in supporting the progression of quality. Their knowledge and skills will lead this scheme and their motivation and love of learning will have a positive impact on the way our children learn and develop.

The ‘Reflecting on Quality Scheme’.

Recently we have signed up to be a part of the ‘Quality Improvement scheme’ one of many exciting programmes delivered by the Pre-school Learning Alliance.

The scheme aims to support Stepping Stones to reflect on the practices that we already have in place. These include how we meet the needs of all children, their families and the wider community. The scheme will measure our impact on a child’s learning and support us to reflect on how we can improve our already thriving childcare practices. In order to achieve this we will adopt an ‘observe-reflect-improve-review’ cycle to assess and lead quality and improvement.

The scheme and activities have been designed to be flexible allowing each Stepping Stones Nursery to identify their own individual priorities and needs for development and improvement. This is the first stage of the scheme.

Leading this is the company’s Quality improvement Manager. She believes that the Reflecting on Quality Scheme will have a positive impact on the children, parents, wider community and practitioners.   The Alliance will support us through each stage of learning and development, making all of our settings ‘Outstanding’ for all children who attend.